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GSI follows stringent quality assurance norms, to ensure world class quality. Our facility is certified as ISO 9001 certified and has successfully passed several audits. GSI has the state of art facilities to evaluate the Quality of raw materials, intermediates and finished products. Sophisticated instruments, such as GC, HPLC, ICP, UV – Vis Spectrophotometers, Karl Fischer Instrument are used for the evaluation of products.

Custom synthesis:
GSI provides customized solution to its customers. The NDB pilot plant is utilized to study the feasibility of blends and is capable to provide samples in few grams to few kilos. Various projects are undertaken to provide innovative and cost effective additivation solution to our customers.

Good Manufacturing Practices:
Basic principle of GMP is followed in every stages of production and all of our finished products are traced back to its raw materials. All the materials are properly identified and the materials are stored under prescribed storage conditions.

The European Chemicals regulation - Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) - entered into force in June 2007. The REACH regulation requires substances manufactured or imported into the European Union (EU), including substances in preparations in quantities over one metric ton per year, to be registered unless exempt. We support the objectives of REACH, including protecting human health and environment. We recognize that the substances
manufactured by our customer, using GSI products can be exported to EU region and therefore we meet the registration / pre registration requirements for the products, as per REACH regulations.

Quality Policy

* Gulf Stabilizers Industries (GSI) is committed to  manufacture and Market polymer additives; market and deliver other products and also provide related support
services in the areas in which it operates.

* The company will consistently meet customer requirement by offering efficient products and services.

* The company recognizes its people as its important asset and is committed to provide them a safe and healthy work environment. It is committed to their training and empowerment and will provide development opportunities for all employees in the organization at all levels.

* The company will regularly review its quality systems for its effectiveness to improve business processes, quality objectives, consistency and to continuously improve the
quality of its products and services.


The company is committed to carry out business with strong environmental conscience thereby ensuring sustainable development, preservation of ecological balance, safe work place and enrichment of the quality of life of employees, customers and community. GSI believes that good environment, health and safety performance is an integral part of an efficient profitable organization.

Our EMS is certified as ISO 14001:2004 in the year 2007.

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